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Let us help you evaluate and research your program or product so you can focus on what you do best!

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JEM & R is an independent research and evaluation firm that specializes in providing the best possible research experience for our clients by effectively collecting, analyzing and disseminating results in a useful, meaningful manner. JEM &R provides customized services including but not limited to: participant identification and recruitment, research project management, research design/methods, large-scale multi-site data collection, quantitative/qualitative data analysis, and report writing (for all audiences). 

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  • Collaboration on proposals

  • Goals, objectives, and activity mapping

  • Logic model development / refinement

  • Literature reviews

  • Implementation and fidelity assessment

  • Research / evaluation study design and methodology

Analyzing the data
  • Instrument, assessment and protocol development / validation

  • Survey research methods

  • Community-based and participatory research methods

  • Statistical analysis and interpretation

  • Psychometric analysis and interpretation

Team Meeting
  • Quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis (e.g., surveys, field observations, focus groups, interviews, archival data, etc.)

  • User-friendly research and evaluation briefs, and comprehensive reports

...and more services tailored to individual client needs.



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JEM & R, LLC was founded by Miriam Resendez, President and Senior Researcher. Miriam Resendez has served as a (co)principal investigator or senior researcher on numerous large-scale, complex evaluation studies involving diverse target populations and multiple agencies and stakeholders.  Miriam has 20 years of experience in evaluation research and possesses extensive experience doing research within multiple sectors, including non-profit, for-profit, and government (at all levels from school districts to state agencies), and in multiple areas with specialization in education, mental health and social services. As a bicultural and bilingual (Spanish) researcher, she is keenly aware of the unique issues affecting diverse communities. She and her team are ready to assist you with your unique evaluation and research needs.



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"JEM & R truly understands my research and evaluation needs.  They have helped develop a logic model, evaluation plan, and tools that recognize our state's goals and objectives for the evaluation, and that lead to actionable insights and results. Miriam goes above and beyond, and I would definitely recommend her firm!”

“ It is a great pleasure when I collaborate with Miriam Resendez [President of JEM & R] on evaluation projects. She is always available to answer questions and offer expert guidance during all stages of the evaluation design and execution process, and with her, I'm confident the research will be done right.”

“ JEM & R provides superior service and support. I highly recommend JEM & R for any research or evaluation project as they design and execute world-class research and make my job as a manager much easier. I can always count on them.”

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Miriam Resendez, President

For any inquiries, questions or recommendations, please call: (800) 674-9676 or fill out the following form.

Yuma, AZ

Tel: (800) 674-9676

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